Media or "media", "media" or "media", refers to the spread of information carrier, can be the private sector, also can be the official agencies. Transmission pipeline have paper class (news, magazines), sound class (radio), the video (TV and film) and modern network class (computer video). Classification in fact have a variety of statement. That is in the process of information transmission from the disseminator to carry and transmit information between the recipient of all forms of material tool; Now has become the floorboard of all sorts of communication tools.

In the product placement more and more common, playwright and director will face two problems, one is a question of attitude, is a skill. Attitude problem to challenge their art, to the audience's sincerity; Skill problems challenge their imagination and wisdom. After all, the playwright and the director of the film is to be responsible for the quality of art. Now people the more film and television as industry, but it is the film and television managers or film and television operator's point of view, regardless of whether the artist or to a viewer, industry is not the most important. The audience need to be able to make you moved, happy, optimistic, exciting, amazing, anger, shock, and even there is no lack of sad, sad film and television works of art, dramatist and director also have the responsibility to provide such works to the audience. In that case, in the works of implant advertising is not a careless problem

New media negative influence and control measures

The "new media" become * * developed countries the press, academia and scientific and technological circles of the hottest topics. In recent years, with the Internet and mobile phones for user terminal new media technology is developing rapidly, and the rapid development, will people trapped in surrounded by information, greatly enriched people acceptable information resources. New media to people's life more convenient has a positive role, the more likely to bring about greater negative impact

New media negative influence and control measures


The film and television play implant advertising challenge wisdom



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